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Student Questions UMAT 42Q test Q13

From: Himpreet Gurung Subject: Q13 of the UMAT 42Q test Hi, I recognise that the ball inside the shapes is moving in the direction pointed by the arrows, however I cannot find the pattern (the number of places the ball moves). Could …

Student Questions UMAT 42Q test Q11

Gabriella emailed: Hi there may I please have som help for Q11, I am unsure of the rotation of the line Thank you So with the pentagon and hexagon patterns you would get fairly quickly to the choice between two answer options: …

Student Questions UMAT 42Q test Q5

Hello, A group of friends and I have been struggling on how to get Question 5 of the 42 question paper for UMAT. Could you please give more hints about the patterns with the cubes? Thank you so much for all your …