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UMAT 2015 under two months away

The UMAT is just under two months away now. Been getting a few calls from students and parents wanting help and tutorials and yep, stressing a little too… Best way to start preparing for UMAT if you haven’t yet is by doing …

umat123 YouTube video

Theres a nice little youtube video on umat123 featuring a ‘continue the series’ UMAT question. If you watch it a couple of times you’ll realise the answer is there. The question is really so simple but in black and white so tricky; …

Interesting UMAT uni changes for 2015

So in rebuilding the umat tutor website, I researched all the valuable UMAT links and found some interesting yet challenging information for 2015 UMAT students. Oceania University of Medicine no longer has undergraduate medicine LaTrobe University no longer require UMAT for bachelor …