Good Luck 2017 UMAT students!

So one day to go till the 2017 UMAT… stay calm, and have a few non-verbal reasoning tips:
1. Know that there will be easy questions.

and hard questions (yes this may be subjective):

2. Know that for the most part these questions are easier than you think:

3. Its all about the banking of time. One question might take you 5 seconds (yes!)

the next one may take 5 minutes, dont panic!

4. Don’t change a theory half way through to ‘make the question work’ follow it through until it breaks, then try a new theory:

5. Cycle through theories quickly: “is it a ROTATION? a MOVEMENT? a TOUCHING-SIDES? (sometimes there are combinations – this one also has FIND-YOU-BEARINGS for example):

6. Make the questions simpler by analysis style. E.g.:
a. If it is a CONTINUE-THE-SERIES Q compare two images only, what changed? Then compare the next two images etc


b. If it is a COMPLETE-THE-DIAGRAM matrix Q study one row or one column, figure a rule, apply it to the next column or row. Then go for the row/column with the missing square.

c. If it is a PICK-THE-MIDDLE Q and you dont know where to start, start somewhere! compare A to B for example. Hmm the smiley face moved one circle anticlockwise, then compare B to D etc…

If a PICK-THE-MIDDLE Q sequence stops it doesnt necessarily mean its wrong just that you found the start so if it was ABD || for example flip it and work backwards: DBA…

Relax, dont panic, stay focused and dont DONT doubt yourself!
You can do it!

Good luck in the 2017 UMAT test from umat tutor!

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