HPAT Ireland non verbal reasoning text books

If you’re in Ireland wanting to get into undergraduate medicine you have to sit the HPAT on February 25th 2017.

The non-verbal reasoning questions in the HPAT Ireland are the same types as in the UMAT in Australia.

The test is slightly different – the sections are still separate (they were fused together for the Australian UMAT in 2013) and there are fewer questions – UMAT 134 questions in 3 hours // HPAT 110 questions in 2 1/2 hours -the section 3 non verbal reasoning question types are the same: ‘continue the series’, ‘complete the diagram’ and ‘middle of the sequence’.

If you need help with solving these questions, the methods being used, how to spot them, how to save/bank time, umatTutor.com has two text books umat123 and umat456 which can be sent over via express post to help you with your test, to master non-verbal reasoning…

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