Pay for books with your credit card via paypal

When buying text books from Umat Tutor, you might not want to go to the fuss of setting up a Paypal account and thats ok – you can still pay with your credit card via the paypal (buy now) button. This is the easiest / quickest way to get your book(s). The payment is instant and the book(s) will be express posted out right away so you will get them next day instead of a few days to a week waiting for the banks to do their super slow exchanging of funds.
1. Click on the (buy now)

2. Click on the [Pay with a Card]
3. Enter all your card details as you would normally
4. If you are sending the books to another address, uncheck the arrow
5. Enter the alternate address details under the Shipping address heading
6. When all of your card and shipping details have been entered click on the [Pay Now] button.
The book(s) will usually be sent off by the end of the day you purchased them and arrive the next day…

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