A new service for parents /students

If you only have a few non verbal reasoning questions that you need answering / are really struggling with (maybe even just one) and dont want a whole tutorial – umatTutor.com now offers ‘pay per question’.

Email tutor@umattutor.com your questions:

When you are ready to use this service send screenshots (or photos) of the questions you’ve had troubles with (ACER, MedEntry, umat456, umat123 etc) their answers and explanations too if you can/ want, and your problems with them.

What you will receive in reply:

The email you receive in reply will contain the question, answer, explanation and perhaps most importantly – a visual explanation, for every question you send.


Paying for questions:

Choose how many questions you need answering (As you can see, the more questions you ask the less you pay per question, so save a few to ask at once and get a better deal – see table below) – select that option from the drop down and click on (buy now).

Pay per Question

Remember tutorials are still available if you need them so dont stress, just offering a different option =D.

No. of Qs Amount paid Cost per Q
1 9 9
3 24 8
5 35 7
10 60 6