Student and Parent testimonials

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Received this email from Catherine who purchased UMAT Tutor’s two text books for her son the week before the exam and he scored in the 96th percentile!!!

From her son:

“I purchased umat123 to help me with my non verbal reasoning for the UMAT in 2016. I went through umat123 a few days before I sat the UMAT, after several other books and managed to find many examples (question types) I had not seen before in the other books. These types of questions then came up in my exam and enabled me to get these extra marks. My score this year in UMAT section 3, non verbal reasoning was 96th percentile.”

“umat123 really helped me increase my ability in non verbal reasoning, the questions and answers were clearly set out and explained. Extraordinarily good value, I had not anticipated so many questions being provided when I purchased these two books (umat123 and umat456). As it was only days before the UMAT when I went through umat123, I can only imagine further improvements to my non verbal reasoning skills if I had had time to go through umat456 (which I had also purchased). umat123 was the most superior non verbal reasoning study material I accessed.”

Thanks Catherine, im glad he did well and that the books helped 🙂

Gwen writes:

The book is basically 456 questions relating to section 3 of the UMAT along with code hints (symbols within the first two practice exams) to indicate how to solve the question. As it is known that Section 3 is the easiest to improve on this book will really help. 1.5cm thick – that’s how many questions are in there. The questions aren’t as easy as NIE’s UMAT prep and can get quite hard. But it is through doing hard questions that everything else seems easier.

This book has particularly helped me in my section 3 in the UMAT as it shows you how to approach questions ie. Finding pattern to a question and how to solve this type of patterned problem. The way the author helps us understand is through classification of the types of patterns which makes it easier to understand instead of groping in the dark to find out how.

I have scored a 90 raw score in Section 3 which puts me in the 100th percentile. Overall my placing is in the 98th percentile which has provided me with interviews all over the country. However this is no guarantee to score well by just reading the book. I started at the beginning of the year and worked through all of the questions under timed manner. It’s good to start now for 2012 and by the time UMAT comes around you should be fully prepared and S3 should be the least of your worries.

Very nice words, thanks Gwen 🙂

Abbie writes:

I personally found that after studying UMAT 123 and working through the questions on UMAT 456, I became quicker and could identify the type of pattern or sequence of diagrams without much hesistance. In the 2014 UMAT, I achieved a score high enough to be accepted into Dentistry, the minimum score having been 96 for entry.

well done abbie

From atar notes website:

If you guys need good section 3 umat books umat123 and umat456 are brilliant (used them last year). The questions are harder then the real thing making the actual section 3 of the umat much easier.

thanks atar notes guest 🙂

Steven emailed:

Back in April of 2011 I met with you and purchased a copy of the UMAT456 for my daughter Rose. She was having problems getting the hang of puzzles which was a concern for section 3 of the UMAT. She sat the UMAT and subsequently applied to three medical schools.

The first round offers for medicine are now out and she received three offers; James Cook University, Adelaide University and Monash University. Without your help she would not have been able to get such a high UMAT score (95%) and so go through to the end game. Rose has accepted Monash and can now look forward to achieving her dream of being a paediatrician.

Thanks again..

I’m glad I could help and I’m very happy she got in; thanks for letting me know Steven!

David emailed:

Dear Shane, I’d just like to thank you for all the help from your umat456 book. It helped me immensely for section 3 of the umat. Also, I’d like to say thanks for the 42q practice test which gave me good feedback on my preparation in non-verbal reasoning. I noticed that the style of this year’s section 3 paralleled that of the questions you make. haha. Thanks again,

Heh, well lots of preparation goes into making them, so I hope so and, you’re welcome!

Heidi emailed:

Hi Shane, Just letting you know that my daughter sat u-mat again today and the study material was great. So many of the questions came out of the books we brought. She found it much better this year. Thanks Heidi

Oooo, thats good! Let me know how she goes…