UMAT 2015 under two months away

The UMAT is just under two months away now. Been getting a few calls from students and parents wanting help and tutorials and yep, stressing a little too…

Best way to start preparing for UMAT if you haven’t yet is by doing the ACER practice test 1 that comes with registration. It has answers AND EXPLANATIONS.

Sit the practice test once (its online) then see how you went. Check the answers, read through the explanations.

Some questions you’ll be fine with; some you could’ve answered with more time, some you guessed, some types you guess correctly but aren’t sure why, some you cant answer, some you’re just clueless about…

These vary with each student. Don’t stress. This is a good start. Now, what help do you need? You’ll have some idea.

MedEntry distance package is the best UMAT prep to go for if you’re going to get a company’s help.

No, I don’t work for and am not affiliated with them, this recommendation comes after all the students I’ve helped as to which company I feel is the most helpful.

Their drills can be scary as you’re only allowed 1 minute as opposed to 88 seconds to answer the questions, dont give up and leave thinking you’ll fail UMAT; keep going with them. You’ll get used to it.

I offer tutorials. I specialise in Section 3 (non verbal reasoning – the shape or IQ type questions) but can also help in other sections too.

When going through ACER practice test explanations or MedEntry questions again, take screenshots of the ones you still find hard/ can’t answer. With all these question screenshots* compiled, we’ll have a place to start with your tutorial; specific help just for you.

*If you can’t figure screenshots on your computer, just take some good photos instead!

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