umat123 fake book review

So if you search for my text book “umat123” in google, this fake book review appears:
umat123_fake-book-review_01I thought I should probably defend myself seeing as google will not take down the review and ‘Caelan Toy’ will not withdraw her comment. She never bought my book, I checked my records. She joined google plus just to make one review? And it was terrible – and of my text book: umat123!? A little suspicious? Yes. And I bet it was my old bosses who put her up to it, cause they hate me and what im doing (I quit working for them and started my own small umat tutor business). I never tried to be a ‘prep company’, just specialise in what im natural at, so was no real competition anyway but still, they are a spiteful money hungry bunch.

If by some method this ms. Toy did come across a copy of my book, then Id say she is very incompetent and never would have made it as a med student. I had a year 8 student finish the book in a few days and love it – with only two questions of me at the end, both of which I answered to her satisfaction justifying her love of umat123. ms Toy wasnt able to understand it? “probably not good for your brain processes.”??? hahahah really? What, you were doing your nails and on snapchat and it made the face tracker plant the ears on your nostrils? This made you mad and so you blamed the book? Well done Caelan, what a toy* you are. (* a graffiti artists term for a try hard wanna be with no skills).

Further – why is it that if you search for her profile it will no longer come up, yet her bad review of my book remains? I spent 6 months of my life on that book and wrote it after many student tutorials, questions and emails. But yeah thats the way of the world now isnt it? Thanks Ms Toy and thanks Google. Thanks both for making me suffer for no justifiable reason.

And more thanks to Google – I have previously searched for “umat123 review” which is how I found her bad review in the first place (couple of years ago), now it no longer comes up in search; but if you search for “umat123”, Caelan’s bad review is plastered to my page in the results??? Yeah yeah I know, life’s not meant to be fair is it?

Anyway end of rant. But if I dont stand up for myself and my work who will?

(oh btw there are some very nice reviews too and thanks to all those students / parents / and careers teachers who have bought my book!!)

The real reason I wrote this:

I was just researching and am actually thinking of introducing two new methods of help for students – see my next post!

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