UMAT Practice Questions

Click and drag – train your mind

These questions have been deisgned to move so that in your early stages of UMAT practice, when you’re maybe still not sure yet how to get your head around them, you have some ‘training-wheels’. Fluid to help your brains spatial plasticity by allowing you to drag the option choices around and see where they belong.

Sorry these dont work on apple devices 🙁

Question 1 – complete the diagram: This first question appears as many complete the diagrams do – in a set of 3×3 squares. But you’ll quickly realise that the rows and columns are not employing the common UMAT method of SUMMING, but are doing something altogether else; can you find out what’s going on? Circle circle heart heart heart…

Question 2 – continue the series: ROTATION and elements. They’re the words to help you solve this question. The large plus symbol doesn’t move, so the two elements to watch are the grey and white circles. Follow them and discover.

Question 3 – continue the series: There is a kind of SYMMETRY at work here. Spot this and you will save many seconds!

Question 4 – fits the middle: And now – does the word TRIO mean anything to you? A word very valuable when analysing the next question.

Question 5 – fits the middle: This question plays with subtleties. Are all these diagrams the same? Maybe? MMMmm, not quite. Look again. There is a ROTATION at work here – which is fairly obvious – but what else?

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