umat tutorials

student-specific, one-on-one

Once you have had a little UMAT experience, you’ve sat a trial exam, done some drills, some practice questions, an ACER practice test, you might be ready for/ in need of a tutorial to improve/ hone your skills. offers a tutoring service to prepare you for tackling the various types of non-verbal reasoning questions encountered in the UMAT, and to answer them successfully in the time allowed. The tutorial sessions are personalised to suit the student’s individual requirements, and are based on the student’s level of understanding & acquired UMAT knowledge.

A few days or a week before the tutorial email questions you are having troubles with (screenshots, .jpegs, .pngs, .pdfs, page references from my books…), and your thoughts on them:- what element you are following, why you chose the answer you did etc, so I can prepare for the tutorial. Questions will also be supplied as needed. Tutorial duration is usually one hour.

The tutorials will cover: continue the series, complete the diagram, middle of the sequence, time trials, simple test writer tricks, easy and hard methods to master (these can vary from student to student), confidence boosting, intuition nurturing plus more. Tuition is $100 an hour which includes pre-tutorial preparation (can some times take a couple of hours or more) and the making up of visual explanations as required after the tutorial (which will then be emailed to students).

Shane has had over eight years experience with non-verbal reasoning questions having worked for and managed the National Institute Of Education (NIE), sat two UMAT exams, written many hundreds of questions for UMAT trial papers and prep text books, lectured on the UMAT in both Australia and New Zealand, started his own business and published two UMAT text books: umat456 and umat123 ‘a Visual Diary’.

umatTutor also has on-line Skype tutorials and has had many successful sessions with interstate & international students. My skype name is