Very nice umat123 text book testimonial

umat123_front_cover_orange_600x849Received this email from Catherine who purchased UMAT Tutor’s two text books for her son the week before the exam and he scored in the 96th percentile!!!
From her son:
“I purchased umat123 to help me with my non verbal reasoning for the UMAT in 2016. I went through umat123 a few days before I sat the UMAT, after several other books and managed to find many examples (question types) I had not seen before in the other books. These types of questions then came up in my exam and enabled me to get these extra marks. My score this year in UMAT section 3, non verbal reasoning was 96th percentile.”

“umat123 really helped me increase my ability in non verbal reasoning, the questions and answers were clearly set out and explained. Extraordinarily good value, I had not anticipated so many questions being provided when I purchased these two books (umat123 and umat456). As it was only days before the UMAT when I went through umat123, I can only imagine further improvements to my non verbal reasoning skills if I had had time to go through umat456 (which I had also purchased). umat123 was the most superior non verbal reasoning study material I accessed.”

Thanks Catherine, im glad he did well and that the books helped 🙂

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